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Ultraframe Orangery

D & H Windows supply and install Ultrasky Orangeries which are designed and built by Ultraframe.
An orangery offers an exciting and inspiring alternative, combining the very best of both worlds, with a light open feeling of a conservatory and the tall, pillared grandeur or an orangery. With advances in technology theses orangeries are highly insulated with thermally efficient glass. You will be happy with the distinct look from its lantern shaped roof that creates a focal point in your room.

Contemporary Orangery

The contemporary orangery features the Ultrasky roof, super insulated columns and a hidden structural goal post. The Ultrasky Roof is perfect for large areas and openings which bi-folding or sliding doors can be fitted, this modern look is perfect for customers looking for that extra finnese. The discrete strength keeps the ridge and the roof bars surprisingly slender and with fewer bars the roof allows more light in. The Ultrasky roof allows you to create beautiful orangeries to inspire and impress family and friends. Structural goal post is secretively hidden within the roof system and can carry large loads allowing for large door openings and large panes of glass to increase light exposure in the room.

Ultrasky roof offers a simple design with less bars and no bulky radius ends for uninterrupted views and maximum light. The super insulated columns give five times more thermal efficiency than traditional brick pillars adding a touch of style and modern feel.

Improved Insulation; with advances in technology recently insulation has become more efficient. It is no secret that UK energy prices have been increasing annually, reducing disposable income for everyone. By improving the insulation of your conservatory, you keep your home warm at less expense while ensuring less of the money spent on energy is wasted.

Classic Orangeries

The classic orangery combines solid brick pillars and a performance glass roof with an internal insulated pelmet and a range of traditional finishing touches.

You can finish your orangery in style with a choice of flat or curved decorative cornices, different heights are available to finish off the exterior of your orangery to conceal guttering and match your property.

Insulated Internal Pelmet

The internal pelmet, in any depth between 300mm and 1200mm means you can enjoy the light of a conservatory, the look of an orangery and the solid feel of an extension. Furthermore with these depths you can add efficient insulation, speakers and downlights.

Orangeries come in a range of colours including; White, Sage Green, Cream, Irish Oak, Rosewood, Light Oak, Grey & Ebony Black. You can even select one colour for the exterior and a different for the interior to complement your home.


Light Transmission

Percentage of light transmitted through the unit. A low percentage shows the least light transmitted from the sun.

Solar Rejection

The proportion fo the sun’s heat that rejected. Generally the higher the percentage the better the glass is, however if you have North facing or shady site you may want solar rejection to be lower.

Self Cleaning

All Conservaglass is self cleaning and specially designed to remain cheaper for longer than conventional glass. The transparent coating on the glass, harnesses the power of ultra-violet rays from the sun and rain to break down dirt and grime then wash it clean away.

UV Protection

The higher the percentage, the lower the possibility of furniture and fabrics fading.

U-Value w/m2

A measure of how good the material is at preventing heat loss to the outside. The lower the figure, the more thermally efficient it is.

Quality as standard

All our glass is toughened, double glazed safety glass; 4mm glass – 16mm Argon filled cavity- 4mm glass, with black warm edge spacer as standard. It is manufactured in specialist roof glass factories and guaranteed for 10 years.


The type of ventilation you need is specific to your orangery, based on many considerations such as size, shape and in relation to the sun. South facing sites may need more ventilation than North facing sites,and other factors to consider include overshadowing from obstacles such as trees and buildings. A range of ventilation options from Ultraframe are available to provide a comfortable living environment.

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