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Lightweight steel roofing; as a metrotile roof weighs up to one seventh of ‘traditional’ roofing materials, a upvc frame conservatory in now able to have a metrotile roof installed upon it. From rafters and VPU for insulation, to Velux windows for natural light and even a plethora of lighting options installed into the conservatory ceiling, the warm roof system makes this all possible. With this warm roof system you don’t lose the space to the cold, damp winter months. By installing a solid roof on your conservatory keeping the sliding doors sealed shut through the winter is a thing of the past.

The Building work services we offer includes:Also available a 10 year insurance backed guarantee on fitting and materials.

* Conservatories
* Windows
* Upvc Doors
* Composite Doors
* Porches
* Small Extensions
* Orangeries
* Sun Rooms
* Fascias soffits and guttering

By agreeing to a quotation/agreement you are also consenting to your personal data being shared with third parties for the purposes of fulfilling the requirements of the Competent Person Scheme for self-certification under the Building Regulations. Personal data includes title, name, address, phone number and email address. This data will be used to provide essential documentation and will be retained on files for the lifetime of the Guarantees which do not exceed 10 years.

Guarantee & Terms Document

1- UPVC windows and door frames are guaranteed against any failure in welded joints and distortion in accordance with the system suppliers recommended period of 10 years from installation date.

2- Glass sealed units are guaranteed for a period of 5 years from invoice date for the failure of hermetical seals (i.e. misting between panes). On ‘A’ rated windows due to micro and macro considerations, misting up on external glass surfaces may be experienced if certain conditions exist but should disappear within a short period of time and is not a fault in the glass but due to the thermal performance of the glass.

Not all of the panes could be affected by early morning condensation on the external face of the window. Even subtle differences in orientation and the position of objects outside the window can change the surface temperature of the glass to the point that one pane suffers and another does not. Any object (be it overhang, canopy, tree etc.) blocking off the window to a clear night sky may also have the effect reducing the occurrences.

The presence of external condensation in a particular season does not mean that the glass will suffer the same throughout the
year. Any occurrence is beyond the control of the window supplier and is a natural result of the environmental conditions.

3- A plus point with the “A” rated windows is the knowledge that your windows are keeping the heat in as they are designed to do thus proving that you have a superior insulating glass product and reducing bills.

4- This guarantee does not cover for breakage of glass internally or externally in windows, doors or glass roofing products after installation. Any glass which is replaced under guarantee will only carry a warranty for the remaining guarantee of the unit and will not be guaranteed in perpetuity. Any glass units which are split and resealed carry a risk of breakage either during removal, assembly or refitting. If a breakage occurs then the unit will only be replaced with a clear or obscure double glazed unit. Due to the ageing process gold or silver spacer bars may change colour over a period of time and new spacer bars may not be the same colour as the existing spacer bars.

5- Oxidation may occur on Lead products on double or single glazed units, canopy’s and flashings. Oxidation is a natural process which affects the appearance of lead, when exposed to the different environmental conditions. These conditions- rain, snow, condensation or any weather cycles will determine the degree of severity of the oxidation of the lead and the time scale over which it will occur. Oxidation is far more likely to occur during winter conditions, with the weather attacking the shiny new surface of the lead strip. The natural colour of lead is a matt grey, so it is normal and inevitable that discolouration will occur to the lead over time and is not a fault in the product.

6- Any minor imperfections of the UPVC or glass are subject to supplier’s recommendations, details of which are available upon request. Stained glass and lead work are not guaranteed against fading or discoloration and any stained or patterned glass which is part of a replacement may not be an exact match due to the ageing process of the original units.

7- Composite doors are guaranteed from the date of the installation for a period of 5 years with the exception of sprayed doors and products which are covered for a period of 2 years. It is important that composite doors should only be cleaned with warm water and under no circumstances should you use any cleaning products on their surfaces as this will invalidate the guarantee. Advice should be sought before
attempting to attach fixtures and fittings to or around products supplied and any items attached are done so at your own risk.

8- Locking mechanisms, hinges and all metallic moving parts on doors and windows are guaranteed for 12 months, subject to regular maintenance by the customer. Cosmetic deterioration to handles, letter plates and door handles etc. due to weathering and general wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee. All mechanisms, handles and furniture should be regularly cleaned.

9- UPVC products including panels used in any installation are the closest colour match available from our suppliers at the present time. Door panels are guaranteed for a period of 12 months against warping and twisting.

10- Conservatory roofing sheets of any description are not guaranteed against abnormal climate changes which may cause the structure of
material used to break down in some way, nor the penetration of insects or misting and mould growth between the chamber of the sheets.
Any external finishing’s are covered for 12 months under normal climate conditions.

11- Internal UPVC doors are covered for a period of 3 years for discoloration and 1 year for hinges, latches, locks and furniture from the date of
installation. Doors should only be cleaned with warm soapy water.

12- All building work of any description will be guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the commencement date in respect to workmanship. Thermal cracking may be experienced on plastered surfaces due to the drying out process and is not a fault in the plaster. Any bricks used in any making good or brick ups or alterations of any doorways or window openings may not be an exact match and will be the nearest matching bricks that are available at the time.

13- Any gutters and rainwater fittings including dry verge systems carry a 12 months guarantee. Box gutter and rainwater fittings should be periodically maintained and cleaned to prevent build up of debris and potential blockages.

14- All goods remain the property of the company until payment has been received in full and has cleared our banking process.

15- If FENSA certificates are applicable to your installation then you should receive them in around 6-8 weeks from FENSA. If the certificate is not received, then you must contact our office so we can organise a further copy. Any requests for a copy at a later date will incur a charge.

16- All guarantees are given in good faith. However, if it is deemed after a visit from the company representative that our product has been misused, tampered or damaged in any way, we will render the guarantee null and void, leaving any remedial work to be carried out at a pre- arranged fee, which shall be payable before any work commences. Any failure of materials under the terms of this guarantee will be repaired or replaced at ‘D and H Windows’ sole discretion.

17- Silicone finishing to provide weathering at joints are covered for a period of 2 years and localised shrinkage may be experienced due to the ageing process.

18- During any internal and external building works, dust may be inevitable during the contract and it is important that you cover and items of furniture or floor coverings which may be affected before commencement of any works.


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